This is Joe BEING HAPPY !

I'm THRILLED to announce that I have accepted a NEW POSITION.

On May 8th I'll be starting work as Program Manager in the Web Tools and Platform Team (Scott Guthrie's Organization) 

I'll be 100% Focused on WEB DEVELOPER COMMUNITY !!!

In addition to my normal conference tours (though now focusing exclusively on Web Technology), I'll be visiting user-groups inside and outside the USA, I'll be doing lots of "How Do I" videos and doing allot of contribution to the www.ASP.net and http://atlas.asp.net websites.

I'll also be YOUR voice to the Web Tools and Products Teams !!!  (ASP.NET, IIS, Visual Web Developer, etc.)

This is a newly "created" position, so some of the detail is still un-set.

All I can say is it's gonna be a BLAST and I'm SOO thrilled to be working for Scott and with incredible tallents like Omar Khan, Stefan Schackow, Kashif Alam, and Keith Smith - as well as working more closely with guys like Brian Goldfarb and Shawn Nandi.

A HUGE thanks to Brian Goldfarb for all his help!  Brian - I OWE YOU !