Live from TechEd - What's new for developers !!

Live from TechEd in San Diego !!!!  Upon arriving at TechEd yesterday I discovered that my “How Hackers Hack” session is the 2nd most popular session at TechEd. (Gulp.)


I’m sitting in a C++  for Managed Code session and blogging from the conference center wireless network.


Attendance is HUGE and Steve Ballmer’s keynote address was standing room only.


Rebecca “Becky” Dias demoed the newly announced WSE 2.0 with full Visual Studio integration and the new Office Application Integration Framework.


Also unveiled was the a new Visual Studio version Visual Studio .NET 2005 Team Edition with new DSI (Dynamic Systems Initiative) support for things like Modeling, Build, Unit Testing, Policy Definition and enforcement, code analysis, and more.


I’ve wanted to write a book for some time. What do you all think of a book on Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition Tools ?????  AWESOME !