More, and Beter, Verizon Wireless Experiences.

About a year ago I posted an enthusiastic complaint about the customer service I had been receiving at Verizon Wireless.


I had been going to THIS STORE as it was the only Verizon Wireless store in town. The people there SUCK. Every time I went there I wanted to strangle someone and every day I read the paper expecting to read about some massive “postal” event taking place there.


A while ago Verizon Wireless opened up a store inside the new Concord, NH Circuit City. (HERE)


I have to wonder if they opened this store because the main store was so bad.


While in Circuit City with the three-year-old, while I was looking at DVDs, my daughter started talking to the sales attendant. When I went over he asked me if I was a Verizon Wireless customer and, after resisting the temptation to unload with a complete answer, I said yes.


He asked if there was anything he could do for me relative to my account, and I told him about the problem with my wife’s phone.


Turns out this guy was a big surprise.


1.) He actually knew the phones and Verizon’s service offerings.

2.) He actually seemed to CARE about my past experiences.

3.) He was way more interested in finding out what he COULD do for me than telling me all the things he couldn’t do.

4.) He actually took the initiative to call a district manager to see how he could best solve my issue.

5.) HE sold me a good phone for a reasonable price to replace the one that never really worked in the first place.

6.) He even gave my daughter a “blank” phone (the plastic look-a-likes they use for display) s that my daughter could have a phone “just like her mom”.


So, I’m STILL a Verizon Wireless customer. I guess you just have to pick the store you use for service.


It’s a great example of how LOCAL company culture (all the way down to the store or shift level) can really effect a company’s over all quality.


I have TWO new Verizon Wireless devices and am no longer looking for service elsewhere.