The Importance of Community Driven Events - DevLink - OH WOW !!!


I go to ALOT of developer events.

Usually, they are work - meaning I probably wouldn't go if I were a retired Millionaire.

DevLink was AWESOME. It was kind of link that perfect summer back in school when all the right people were in the right place and the right mood and the sun was shining and the VIBE was just happening.

The basics were all there, Tennessee was very sunny but not too hot, the people are very nice, the MTSU campus is super (and the Sororities were pledging while we were there).

John Kellar (DevLnk Chairman) and all the folks with the DevLink organization did a simply AMAZING job and because the event is SO cool the speaker pool is a "WHo's Who".

I went to some great session like Sara Ford's session on Open Source at Microsoft and Todd Anglin's session Silverlight (who thought 3 a three hour session would seem too SHORT.)

There was some fun interpersonal stuff too.

I spent most of the event sparing with Ted Somebody :)

Actually I'm talking about Ted Neward - who's not only really smart but also really fun. (Thanks Ted for being a good sport and for giving as good as you get. I hope they don't have you do the closing keynote next year, I'd have to wear a helmet.)

And, like many of us, we spend the event waiting for Sara Ford to do something REALLY outrageous. (We're STILL waiting :)


I got to be a guest on Deep Fried Bytes, which will be available soon. (

GRATUITOUS PLUG - DeepFriedBytes is just getting up too speed and they need sponsors. Have a look and see if you can help them out !


Of course, Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell were there and they event did a DNR episode from the after-party.

[ Click HERE to listen to the show. ]

But the HIGHLIGHT for me was the OpenSpaces .

Alan Stevens organized ad managed the OpenSaces and they were OFF the hook. (Thanks Alan for an AMAZING job).

I'd been to OpenSpaces before and had a less than great experience. Alan did a GREAT job of facilitating without controlling the flow.

And if you were an attendee.....



Next year - I'm going to fly out and take the BUS !!!! (

Also, I declare a contest for next year - who can come from the farthest distance away.

It's a real gem of a weekend !! Hope to see you at the next one