The Microsoft SQL Server Team in great demand at Borcon 2005

Euan Garden, Microsoft's Product Unit Manager for Microsoft SQL Server Tools grabs a slow moment at the Microsoft booth at BorCon 2005 to write a bit of code as two of his techie "fans" look on.

There was exceptionally high interest SQL Server 2005 at BorCon. Developers were thrilled to receive the SQL 2005 Beta with the Resource Kit as well as the SQL 2005 Express Beta on the MSDN Events DVD. (I was surprised at the vast interest specifically in the Express version)

Matt Nunn, Euan Garden, and Donald Farmer from the SQLServer Team were in attendance and helped man the booth for the entire conference. (THANKS !)

On a personal note, it was great for me to get to spend the week with these luminaries from the SQL Team and especially Mat Nunn, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft SQL Server. Matt has GREAT plans for education about SQL 2005 and I'm sure the MSDN Events team will be featuring lots of sessions on SQL 2005 in the coming year.