Wanna be Microsoft's face for JavaScript ?

MSScrptMicrosoft makes JScript – our implementation of the ECMA 262 language specification.

Browser script programming is “born again” with the popularity of AJAX and RIA style application building.

So, Microsoft is looking for someone who can represent us and our work with JScript, our support of it, our standards participation, tools support, etc.

You would “champion” JScript to the world much in the way that I champion ASP.NET.

We’re looking for a senior level person with qualifications that include the following:

  • A great working knowledge of web development technologies and especially client side programming in JavaScript/JScript
  • A strong knowledge of developer communities and ideas around how to build one
  • Great presentation skills
  • Rich general solutions development experience.

If your interested, email Shreesh Dubey and convince him that you should interview !