www.ASP.net - What's Missing ?


Next week I have a week full of meetings on things like.

  • The Next Version of Web Forms
  • Dynamic Data v.now and v.next
  • ASP.NET 4.0

But the BIG part of the week will be spent on strategic planning for www.ASP.net web sites in the coming year.

We want to answer questions like ....

  • What's the NEXT great multi-media experience for developers ?
  • What social networking features are missing and wanted on www.asp.net ?
  • What improvements do we need to blogs, forums, RSS, etc.?
  • What's missing that developers really want?
  • What's broken and needs to be fixed?

So, while I'm thinking about it THIS week, why not send me an email (use th elink on this page) and let me know what YOU think of the subject !