Extracting string literals into resource files

The beta version of our Resource Refactoring Tool has been on CodePlex for a while now but we’re releasing the 1.0 version today. The Resource Refactoring Tool is used to convert string literals into references to entries in a string resource file.

Using string resource files makes changing the text for frequently used literals easier and also permits localization and globalization. Making and using string resource files used to be moderately cumbersome. But, the Resource Refactoring Tool makes it easy for C# and VB.Net projects. The 1.0 version even includes support for web site and web application projects written in those languages.

It’s free and it’s shared source. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it won’t work with Visual Studio Express editions because it is delivered as an add-in. But, if you’re using Visual Studio standard edition or one of the high end editions, check it out! For developers, I think it’s the most useful productivity aid our team has developed.