Do you get it? Get what? TechNet Flash!!


TechNet Flash is a monthly newsletter for IT Professionals that helps keep you informed on what Microsoft (and other companies!) are doing in the IT Pro community. A great example of the kind of nuggets it will point you to is a video that shows Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 Beta with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Beta. And you thought there was no path from Windows XP to Windows 7. 

Hopefully this 10 min video will put your mind at ease.

Here’s the abstract describing the video:

“ There's been a lot of press about how there isn't a an upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7. In this video, Jeremy walked me through using the latest beta of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, specifically the User State Migration Tool, to transfer the user settings and files from a Window XP installation to a new install of Windows 7 on the same PC. One of the really cool features in this new version is hardlink migration. In the past, if you wanted to back up all of a users files and settings, those had to be transferred to a different drive, and the new OS install would wipe the machine, complete the new install, and then you'd transfer the files back. With hardlink migration, all the files stay in place on the machine, and the Win7 install just updates file locations with hardlinks. This means the install and settings transfer happens much faster, because the files aren't transferred at all, just the paths to them are updated. It's really cool, and means you can have a fresh install of Win7, with all your XP files and settings, completed in as few as 30 minutes.”

Go ahead and check out the current Technet Flash and if you like it, and I know you will, subscribe to the flash!!!