Just Announced!!! Latest Beta Release of the Security Baselines for Windows Server 2008 R2 Solution Accelerator

solutionguide 2k8R2The Solution Accelerators team is pleased to announce its latest Beta release—the Security Baselines for Windows Server 2008 R2. We’re interested in hearing your thoughts and feedback.

Join the Security Baselines Beta.

The best-practice guidance and security settings provided by the new Security Baselines Beta will allow you to plan and deploy your security baselines with ease and confidence.


What’s New in Beta2?

The Beta2 release includes the following updates:

  • Updated Security Guide
  • Setting recommendation updates
  • Hyper-V role is now included with the baseline
  • A setting pack has been added


What is a Setting Pack?

Since the release of the SCM tool, one of the most frequent requests has been to add all of the available Group Policy settings to the Microsoft security baselines so that you can access them in the SCM tool. While our baselines include hundreds of settings, there are hundreds of additional settings available in Group Policy. In response to this request, the team has created setting packs. The setting packs include the basic information required by the SCM tool to define custom baselines that you can use to create GPO backups, DCM configuration packs, and SCAP content. Learn more about setting packs on the program description page.

The beta release of this baseline is formatted for import using the Security Compliance Manager (SCM). SCM provides guidance and tools for Microsoft products to help you plan, deploy, and monitor your security baselines, and balance your organization's needs for security and functionality. If you'd like to learn more about SCM, click here . To download SCM, click here.


Test Drive the Beta Release and Tell us What You Think!

Test drive our Beta release, and send us your constructive feedback. What are your thoughts on the recommended settings in these new security baselines? Do you see any ways the content could be improved or made more useful? SA-SC values your input; this is the perfect opportunity to be heard.

The Beta review program runs until August 25, 2010.


Already using Security Solution Accelerators?

We’d like to hear about your experiences.


Where Do I Send Feedback?

Please send comments and suggestions to Secwish@microsoft.com.


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