SMB/MVP Community Roadshow in Microsoft Alpharetta Office - October 14th 2011!!!


SMB MVP Community Roadshow, Sponsored by HP and Microsoft, invites you to join as for a unique event….

This event is happening at the Microsoft Alpharetta Office on 10/14/2011 at noon and runs until 4:00pm. We respect your time and want to get you out before the traffic gets terrible.

Since there are so many IT groups in the Atlanta area, we decided the only fair option was for the MVP’s to host the event ourselves and let all the groups invite their members. So in addition to the great content we are bring, it looks to be an outstanding networking opportunity as well.


Registration and Details: typically hosts our annual IT Pro Conference (ITPC) in New Orleans, but for this year we grabbed on an opportunity too good to miss. With additional sponsorship from HP and Microsoft, is pleased to produce a worldwide roadshow which is coming through your area!

A team of my fellow SMB MVPs including Kevin Weilbacher and Larry Struckmeyer will be presenting on:


  • Microsoft SBS 2011, MultiPoint Server 2011, Storage Server 2011 Solutions
  • HP MicroServer and SMB scale products
  • Swing Migration solutions

Also present at the event Grey (Gramps) Lancaster and Andy (HandyAndy) Goodman as your hosts.

This tour is all made possible with sponsorship funding from HP and Microsoft, plus the significant volunteer contributions of the worldwide IT Pro Community. The MVPs are making this an entirely volunteered peer to peer roadshow of experts moving city by city, worldwide, a truly remarkable approach to education in our SMB space. Regionally and internationally, it will be the sacrifice of time and collaboration efforts of dozens of SMB MVPs, community leaders and the enthusiastic support of thousands of people like you that make this happen.


Get registered and learn more now!