Wi-Fi in the Sky......

Since I live in Atlanta - Delta's headquarters - practically every flight I take is on Delta, so you can imagine how pleased I was to see this article: Delta To Offer Wi-Fi Across Its U.S. Fleet

I REALLY like the idea of Wi-Fi access on the plane, but do I need it?  No, not really, I can reply to emails and work on my presentations without Wi-Fi, but it would be nice to be able to actually send the email rather than wait 4 or 5 hours until I get to Seattle.  Another thing it would give me is the ability to use MSN Messenger and Office Communicator, that way I'll be able to stay in contact with the outside world, albeit not by voice.

Talking of voice, one thing I DON'T want in the air is cell phone access.  In fact I hope they NEVER allow it - I've been seated next to the guy, once too often, who is talking on his cell before takeoff, what's worse is he's loud enough that he could be having the conversation with the guy 3 rows back. He's usually the guy that the flight attendants have to ask several times to turn off his phone.  The thought of listening to that all the way to Newark isn't very appealing, come to think of it, the thought of flying to Newark isn't that appealing (just kidding)... well OK.. not kidding if its the middle of January. J

Looks like it should be available on most planes by mid-2009.  One thing I do hope it includes is power in ALL the seats on the plane so my laptop will last that 4-5 hour trip. 

Oh yeah... I can see it now, the instant messaging mile-high club!!!  Hold the peanuts and the soda please, I need the space for my laptop as I'm playing AOE online, I mean... I'm working right now.. (darn did I just lose a castle!?!?). J