Windows Live Sky Drive: 5GB of FREE Online Storage!!!

Yes, as you can see from this and the previous post, I've been discovering stuff that you can get on Windows Live.  This time its 5GB of FREE online storage.  (I'm actually using it to store all these pretty pictures in my posts).

So What Exactly Can You do with this Space?

Go to Windows Live SkyDrive.  Once you're setup you can create folders in three areas:


Stuff that's just for you.  No one else has access.


Files you want to share with others,  you control who has access and what access they have.  A great way to get large videos to my relatives in Europe.


Files you want to share with everyone, they can read them but nothing else.  That's where I'm putting all the blog clipart and pictures.

That's Nice, but is it safe? (Dentist drill again...  see previous post)

Absolutely, it's password protected with your Live ID and all file transfers are protected with SSL.

I'm not sure how long it will take me to use up 5GB, but I've only been using it a week or so and have hardly made a dent in the space.