A small update to OneNote is available

For those of you running OneNote from the Windows Store, we released a small update yesterday. Mostly stability fixes and a few performance tweaks to lessen the memory we use are some reasons you would want to update. You can get it here: https://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/onenote/f022389f-f3a6-417e-ad23-704fbdf57117 if you have an up to date Windows 8.1 machine.  I don’t think we are making a big push around this but I did want to give a little insight on what the update has in it.

That last phrase about having an up to date Windows machine actually played a role on the testing for this release. About two weeks before we were done the Windows folks updated the certification test to version 3.3. Our automation system was still using the 3.2 test, so we had to update it to the new version. That took a day or two to get all our images updated to use the new tool and in the meantime I ran the 3.3 version locally. It is a little bit simpler than the old version. For instance, the boot performance test has been removed (in my opinion, it was a pretty simple test and easy to "game" so I can understand why it was removed). Still, it was kind of interesting to watch it start and stop OneNote several times during the testing.

Now we are all up to date with automating this test and I should not have to run it manually again.

Go try out our update and let us know what you think!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,