A tedious task for today

One of the challenges of testing around Office is ensuring all the code changes partner teams make are correctly applied to the branch of code from which OneNote ships. Considering the array of branches we use (a topic I internally call "branchology") we do pretty well and track fixes very closely.

Today was an exception. Someone ran a tool that looked at a different branch of Office and noticed fixes that were taken after that branch had ported their fixes to our codebase. There is a bug somewhere in that tool because in this instance all the fixes had been properly ported over. I had the time consuming task of looking up every instance that the tool reported to verify the fix had been taken. In each case, it had, so OneNote is in good shape.

Next up is to contact the owner of that tool to report the bug and get a fix in place. Looking through those changes took me a couple of hours to sort through this morning and I want to prevent this from happening again. Overall, though, better to be safe (and double check) than sorry - I just want to move that double checking to the tool so I don't spend time on it again.

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