An addin to manage printouts to OneNote


I was talking with Jeff Cardon the other day about an addin I was creating to take slides decks printed to OneNote and break them up into one slide per page.  He had been thinking (and doing something) about it as well, and came up with this - an addin to completely manage items printed to OneNote.  This topic has been on-again, off-again on the newsgroups, but over the last week a number of people mentioned they wanted a utility like this.


You can go straight to the addin here:


(8/21/09) The link is now below my signature at the end of this article. 


Again, standard setup: completely exit OneNote, run setup.exe, start OneNote.  If the file gets corrupted, I suggest trying a download with (gasp) Firefox, or using WinZip to open the file.  I'm still working with the ISP folks to track this problem.


This addin is pretty slick.  Since OneNote treats all printouts to it as images, it becomes possible to reorganize all printouts in the same manner.  You can break slides into 1 per OneNote page, resize them to make them smaller so you can take notes to the side, put them in columns and even make them background images on the page so you can edit on top of them.  Like I said, this is slick.


Being a diligent tester, Jeff made sure to add a restore feature.   "Undo" won't work if you separate images across pages, but there is a utility he includes which can restore the original page should you not like the results from the addin.  Directions for that utility, and this addin overall, are in the user guide installed in whatever folder you chose during setup.  I also included them in the zip file.


Let me know what you think!


Blatant plug: getting the object model finished should make it even easier to get more useful addins created.  Hop on over to the site and help contribute!


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,