How to get a Watson bucket number for Windows 8

Just posting this since this is the single biggest helpful piece of information I have available when tracking down crashes. Dan's older directions needed to be updated so I decided to post the new information here.

First, Run "eventvwr.exe" and you will see this UI:


Expand Windows Logs \ Application:


Then I sort by Event ID. Just click the column to cause a sort:


1001 is the event ID needed. That is the ID for the upload of the report.

Now it gets a little tricky to find the OneNote error. I usually just look at the Date and Time column to find the approximate time I saw the error. When you highlight the entry, you will see this in the bottom pane:


Event Name will be OneNote - it is obscured in this picture. Sorry about that!

Anyway, that number is the bucket number - 90294379354 in this case. Anytime a crash is reported, that is the number I need to look up all the logs and other information for it.

Thanks for helping make OneNote better.

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