Return of the OneNote twitter feed thanks to Raspberry Pi

Over the weekend I decided we had been without our twitter feed long enough and decided to do something about it. I did not have an extra machine to devote to the task but had heard about the Raspberry Pi being a cheap computer and decided to give it a shot.

I stopped in at Radio Shack and picked up a kit and got to work. It was not as seamless as advertised. I had no USB keyboard at home, and the wireless Logitech keyboard I had did not work. I finally managed to assemble the case (that is a pretty, but flimsy, case in my opinion) and brought the device into work. Once here, I did not have a monitor with an HDMI input, but at least had a keyboard and mouse. Back to Radio Shack to get an adaptor to convert HDMI to DVI and plugged everything in. The network "just worked" and in a few minutes I had Raspberrian OS up and running.

The default browser did not work well with twitter so I installed Iceweasel (a Firefox variant) and got everything assembled and back into the hall window from my Office. Within just a few minutes, people are already stopping by to see what folks on twitter are saying about OneNote.

I'll spare the OS details with getting the power options configured correctly, my fight with getting a USB hub hooked to the thing and trying to get it to use a US vs. UK keyboard. The only tweak I may have to make is overclocking it a bit so that it can refresh properly.


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,