Some initial results from the "Week of OneNote Powertoys"


I've heard from quite a few people already via email and comments and seen indirectly some great feedback via other blogs on the "Week of OneNote Powertoys."    And as usual, I was surprised by the most popular addin: the Task Request from Meeting Notes!  I think time will show the template manager will be the most used, but out of the gate people like being able to assign work items to others during meetings.


I got this information from Bart Wessels.  He's in town for the week and came by to talk about new powertoys.  When I was working on this addin, I had to decide how to implement the task request and how I would populate the To line.  One idea was to force users to name the section the same as the email address of the person.  This works well for meetings which, for example, I have regularly scheduled with Gary.  If I'm in Gary's section then I can assign him a task from any page.   This is convenient, but requires me to create notebooks and sections with a required naming structure.


Instead, I decided to make it much more generic.  Figuring that users take notes with OneNote during meetings, I decided on the system I used which just uses the information available from the meeting notes page. 


The item I am most proud of is the icon for the toolbar.  It has a transparent background (and is just a copy of the Outlook forms icon).  Most of the icons we use have the default blue background - maybe if I can find a good graphics program which lets me create transparent backgrounds, this can become the new standard.


We're still working on the Journal importer.  A few last minute bugs reared their ugly heads and Lin is working to get them fixed.  And if anyone is interested, I have a rough draft of how Gary created the "floating toolbar" for his image rotator.  Let me know if you want a preview and would be willing to step through the directions to see if they are accurate.


Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,