Using OneNote to repair a Camaro

This week I received a note from a user who is in the process of repairing a 1969 Camaro.  He wants to use OneNote to track his work and wanted some assistance with setting up a template that he could use on a daily basis.

He wanted an area on the page that would track his focus for the day, any parts he needed to order, what page of the assembly manual he was referencing on that day (this is a great piece of data that I probably would have overlooked) and what work was next on the To Do list.

He also wanted an area on the page to put photos of daily progress.  He needed rule lines on the page to help when he wrote notes, and finally he needed to be able to print to paper so he had something to carry around with him.  You can imagine not wanting to expose a tablet to the rigors of an auto shop or carrying it under the car with you.

That’s a lot of requirements but we were able to come up with a working solution.  I created a page that was letter sized with rule lines.  I chose letter size so he could see what would get printed when he does that and can move data around if it gets cut off.  The rule lines are there just to help with writing.  At the bottom I created a 4 cell table for pictures.  He can just paste the pictures next to the numbers and they will line up on the page nicely.  I set the table borders to be invisible so they won’t show.  Then I saved the page as a template and set this section to use this as its new page.

Finally, I packaged this as a .onepkg file and sent it to him.  All he needs to do is open the file and add this to as a notebook.  Then he can drag/drop this section to any notebook he wants or just use the notebook he just created.  The section will use this template as new pages.

I figured this was a nice use of OneNote to restore an old muscle car and am sharing the package file below.  Just grab it from below my signature.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,


Camaro Repair.onepkg