A New Way of looking at Help

The Windows Mobile 5.0 Documentation is on MSDN, and yes, I admit this is a sub-optimal approach as ideally it should be in the Visual Studio documentation along with everything else. Eventually, we'll get it in there. In the meantime, you need to make MSDN's copy of the docs a bookmark.

So to ease your pain, I've been wondering what we can do to make the docs more usable and discoverable. One idea that occured to me was a change in approach to the idea of a Table Of Contents.

I've a question for you - would you use something like what follows? Your feedback is going to drive this completely, so let me know either with comments or directly to johnkenn at microsoft (the links in this sample should work, by the way).

Upated: As per feedback, I took out the "|"s and yes, it looks much better. And don't worry, this is never going to replace the TOC on the left hand pane.


Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK Documentation


What's New July June What's New in Windows Mobile 5.0 Getting Started Preparing your Device Tools Remote Tools Managed Walkthrough Native Walkthrough Requirements Samples Application DevelopmentDeveloping in C++ Developing in Managed Code
User InterfaceCommon Controls Today Home Shell Samples NetworkingIR Bluetooth ActiveSync Sockets Samples Multimedia & GamesGAPI DirectDraw Direct3D DirectShow Windows Media Samples
Design Guidelines User Interface Guidelines Screen rotation Usability Guidelines Samples Device ArchitectureMemory & Power Best Practices Samples Managed CodeSmart Device Development Support for managed code Programming with .NET CF Differences from Desktop Managed Reference Samples
Setup & DeploymentPackaging Selecting a Certificate Signing Signing for Release Deployment Sample


DebuggingDifferences from Desktop Attach to Managed Process Change Device Regsitry SecurityAbout Query a Device Use Signtool
Migrating & PortingPorting from eVc Migrating between devices Porting from Desktop Writing code for multiple devices Samples


Device EmulatorsOverview Launching the Emulator More Documentation


SamplesSmart Device Walkthroughs Smart Device Samples SDK Samples