Book Review Preview: Take Back Your Life!

The other day I saw an email from someone in the company offering a new Microsoft Press book for review, entitled “Take Back Your Life!”, by Sally McGhee. I managed to get an email in first, and snag a copy, because if there is one thing better than a new book to read, it’s a free book to read. And I’d heard very good things about a training course linked to the book, so I was interested.


I added a comment that I’d only review it if I could say I didn’t like it if I didn’t like it, because I’d rather not just be an unpaid advertising portal (although I’d better link to the book before I forget, so clearly I’m drinking the Kool Aid / Selling Out at least a little ;-).


Anyway, “Take Back Your Life!” is all about using tools like Outlook to gain some control over your life, rather than having the very same tools bombard you with information and push you towards an early grave.


That’s the theory. As I’ve just received the book, I’m not sure at this stage if I’m going to live any longer or be happier after reading it, so I’ll keep posting updates as I work my way through it. As I am a rather disorganized person, with a huge number of emails in my Inbox, I’m very much looking forward to giving it a try!