MEDUA and New Media

I remember when DVDs, heck, no, make that I remember when CD-ROMs were the "new media". (Commodore CDTV ring any bells?)

Now, the new media of choice consists of blogs, podcasts and video-blog-e-learning-casts-o-rama. Ok, that last one is a bit clumsy, but we're working on a better name for it, so stay tuned.

The point? Jenny Kays, my colleague in the Mobiled and Embedded Devices User Assistance team (which we call MEDUA for obvious reasons) has recorded her first podcast. Being Irish, I'm always amazed how perky and cheerful people sound in this place, and Jenny is like this all the time which I think comes across in her recording :-)

Check out Mike Hall's blog for the link, and prepare for our forthcoming video by getting in the popcorn now..