The Cubes

I'm frequently asked "So, what's it like working at Microsoft?". Well, OK, that's a lie. Almost everyone I know also works at Microsoft, so it would be a very weird thing to be asked. However, if you don't happen to work for Microsoft, and you have wondered what it might be like, I can tell you what it's not like: The Cubes.

The Cubes is a set of "action" figures that model a modern office, specifically a horrible looking maze of cubicles. The idea is that you buy the different sets, construct the office environment, and then play - perhaps re-enacting some of your favorite arguments, or practicing asking for that raise you deserve so badly. Where did that conversation that got you into trouble with HR go so wrong? Now you can relive it step-by-step and see exactly when you should have stopped talking. Planning the quickest route to the bathrooms? This is the ideal tool.

I can see this becoming a cult toy, so I thought I'd let you in on it so you can - like me - appear to be cool and ahead of the pack on this one. Come on - little computer screens with Solitaire on them? You know you want it. This is Office Space meets Lego. I can see little 8 year old nerds across the western world asking for this for next Christmas.