What do you look for in a Developer Center?

Do you visit the MSDN Developer Centers?


Developer Centers are designed to be one of your first ports of call on MSDN. They are portals – guiding you to the newest technical information, keeping you informed and trying to help grow a “community”.


Ok, so in reality we all know that most of the time you reach MSDN by following a link from Goo.. er.. Search.Msn.com. But have you tried visiting a Developer Center to see what’s new in your particular field? 

  • If you do visit MSDN Developer Centers, which is your favorite and why?
  • If you don’t visit, what would encourage you to try them out?

What would your dream Developer Center be like? Would you expect to see the latest hardware and software news? A developer forum? Guest interviews? Blogs? Pages and pages and pages of C++ code? Some kind of mutant off-spring from Pocket PC Thoughts, Engadget and MSDN reference documentation? Feel free to post your comments!


As I work in the Mobile and Embedded Devices team, I’m looking in particular at the Windows Mobile Developer Center, with a view to making it one of those select sites you visit every day. I'll draw the line at horoscopes and pictures of Drew Barrymore, but everything else is up for discussion...