Whoops, that's gotta hurt. Yes, it did.

I'll tell you something else about Dublin: the roads are surprisingly slippy. This morning I was cycling to work, and whilst taking a nice, fast right-hand bend, the tyres on my bike completely lost grip, and I did a spectacular grating slide across the road on my right side. Lucky I wasn't hit by any cars, but I destroyed my shorts, damaged my bike and ripped an uncomfortable amount of skin from my arm, ankle and thigh. It looked a lot worse that it was, with blood everywhere, and I had to sit by the side of the road for a bit trying not to throw up. I was glad I had my helmet on!

Many thanks to Microsoft's first aid expert Patricia o'H. and and nurse Deirdre F. for patching me up, and reassuring me that despite the blood and shock it was only a fleshwound and a trip to the ER wasn't required. You know what men are like: we're convinced we're dying.

Being the good Microsoftie that I am, of course I'm in the office working. We're hardcore in Dublin!