Windows Mobile 6: SDK's Now Available

Can't wait to try out a Windows Mobile 6 device? Now you don't have to - if you have Visual Studio 2005 (Standard edition and above, not Express - sorry ) you can download and install the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs, which include high-quality emulators.

Not only can you play with the new UI, but you can also try out your existing WM5 applications to make sure they still work. And if they don't, you can tweak them so that when Windows Mobile 6 devices do appear, your apps are all ready to go.

At this point in time, the documentation is included with the SDKs, rather than available on MSDN in the usual place. We're currently prepping MSDN for a major revamp of the docs in time for MEDC (1st May!), and it's by far the simplest solution to provide local (i.e. on your computer) help at this point.

By the time the docs go onto MSDN, they will be updated with a lot more content, so please make use of the Send Feedback links! Your comments and queries are fed directly into our bug database. If it's 2am, and you can't find what you need in the docs, click that link and let us know. Somewhere in Redmond, a writer's computer will go "Ping!" and they'll get a bug - doesn't what make you feel warm inside?

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