Windows Mobile: Add your own graffiti to the official docs!

Have you ever wanted to share your opinion about the official Microsoft documentation? Well, now you can!

The Visual Studio team have pushed a lot of their documentation - including some great docs related to Windows Mobile devices - out onto the web in a new format that allows you to leave comments. Think of a cross between existing online documentation, and Wikipedia. Sound interesting?

I'm watching this very closely, as I think it's very promising way of providing developers with up-to-date information. If it works, you can bet we'll look at doing the same for Windows Mobile SDK documentation.

Just as aside, here's a question for you: what's worse? No information, or wrong information? Heck, I don't care - both are terrible! 

Anything that helps us get the information that you need is a good thing. Online publishing is great, but the process of pushing thousands and thousands of topics onto the web is not trivial and takes a great deal of time and effort on our part. The entire team has to prepare for a doc release, the docs have to be compiled from their Word/XML format, have links created and checked, tokens replaced, checked for geopolitical issues, pushed to the staging server, checked again, and finally released. It takes a few days of work to do all this. If we could provide a quick way of adding a note that says "Oh, this parameter is wrong, see this Whitepaper for more information and a sample", that would rock.

Anyway, check out the MSDN Wiki experiement, and as always, please leave your comments on Windows Mobile documentation.

Link: MSDN Wiki Smart Devices Section