Windows Mobile SDK: More imagemaps

I think I forgot to say that one of the navigation imagemaps from the discussions here on this blog is now live on MSDN, and you can see it here:

Thanks everyone for your input. I'm currently pretty-fying the second, more involved, imagemap for inclusion in our next documentation update. I'll have more information on that coming relatively soon.

I know that Windows Mobile 6 devices are still in the minority, but most of the documentation for 6 is just as applicable to Windows Mobile 5 - so feel free to use the 6 documentation as your core reference. Anything that is for 6 only should be marked as such.

If you do spot something weird looking in the docs (we found some random HTML gibberish appearing in a section yesterday), so feel free to email me so we can fix it. With 25,000 topics, we occasionally miss things! The same goes for feedback in general - although we have a feedback tool at the top of every topic, if you contact me, I can personally walk over to the writer and ask them about it.