Windows Mobile: Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 for Windows Vista

If you are running Vista, and use a Windows Mobile device (in fact, any device running Windows Mobile2003 and later), you should click over to the Microsoft Download Site and get the 6.1 update to the Windows Mobile Device Center.

 The improvements include:


  • Windows Mobile 6 feature support
    • Information Rights Management activation - Automatically configure the Windows Mobile 6 device to open IRM-protected documents and files
    • HTML mail – Set up your Windows Mobile 6 device to sync HTML-formatted mail
    • Certificate Enrollment - Acquire certificates through the PC the Windows Mobile 6 device is currently connected to
    • Allow data connections on the Windows Mobile 6 device when connected to the PC
    • File synchronization for smartphones – Synchronize files with your Windows Mobile 6 devices, including both touch screen and non-touch screen devices
  • Automatic device authentication - Connect the Windows Mobile device to the PC without the need to enter the device-lock PIN every time upon connect
  • Product Registration - Register your Windows Mobile device and get connected to information and offers available for your device