XNA: Beta available now

If you are looking for a way of practicing your C# programming skills, you might want to hop over to the MSDN site and download the beta release of the XNA Game Studio Express development tools.

Based on C# Express (my favourite version of Visual Studio, 'cos I worked on the documentation), you can start get writing your own games at once. The XBox 360 portion isn't ready yet, but you can still write games that run on Windows, from the looks it it. C# is such a great language, this is really going to be a big deal for programmers like me, who actually enjoys writing code for fun. And of course, C# Express is free so it's definitely worth a trial.

I was wondering if they were going to write a version for Windows Mobile, as it would be extremely cool being to write for a portable platform too, but who knows - Microsoft is a huge company and I don't know a fraction of what goes on here :-)

Link: XNA Beta