Pre-SpeechTek Frenzy

As if finding out on Tuesday I was speaking at a session at SpeechTek wasn't short
notice itself, today I've found out that I'm actually doing two sessions on
the same day, and - fortunately - on basically the same subject, but this time as
part of the

SALT Open Forum

sessions that are being run in parallel to the main sessions.

The other change of plans is that although I'd been given the impression there wasn't
going to be time for a demo, I found out at about 3:30pm that this is not in fact
the case and that I should use up most of my slot with a hands on SDK demo! Needless
to say I'm doing some rather last minute preparation before flying out on Monday.
Hopefully I'll be able to put together a demo in time, assuming my elderly laptop
is up to the task.

On the plus side, one of our marketing guys is trying to get us in to watch the Letterman
show on Thursday. Fingers crossed...