Team System Song Translated!

Earlier this week I posted a link to the hilarious Visual Studio Team System Song.

To continue the amusement, JeffBe managed to track down the translation for me - it's fantastic. My favorite line has to be "Flower of hope ever so blossoming"...

Customer: “This doesn’t work. I want something else!”
Boss: “If you run out of time, why don’t you stay up all night working? Why can’t you finish this on time?”
PM: “Ahhhh, is there something more unique and fun? This is kind of…”
“Ohhhh, Stop!!”

[Verse 1]
Incessantly complaining client
My neck as stiff as keyboard
My cheeky boss telling me to stay up all night for work
Co-worker leaving work for a better company
So, my task today twice as much as yesterdays
My PM nagging all the time

Once again, breaking my heart
Going through pain, us hard-working developers
Even though working hard, breaking our neck
Co-workers asking if we have a vision
Wondering if I can be the survivor
If I can have a wish
(If I can have a wish)
Like the fantastic software we develop
Make our lives fantastic

[Verse 2]
So many development projects I have postponed against my wish
The reason is difficult ‘coding’
Hunger felt when working alone overtime
Lines of code lost last night, driving me nuts
But everything is different now
Catching the perfect opportunity to make my dream come true
Born again VS 2005
The sign for developers dreaming of freedom
Don’t call us coders any more
Breathing and playing on bigger stage
Because new architecture has come inside of us
Will hold the future in our arms
Just for you and me (for you and me)
Just for you and me (for you and me)
Developers leading and completing the world
Flower of hope ever so blossoming

[Bridge x 4]
Visual / Studio / Team / System!!

Equip ourselves, break free of stifling life
Make investments, walking ahead for new future

“Ohhh, you finished your work already? Let’s go have some beer”
“This project was awesome; let’s stick to this, yeah?”
“What program do you use?”

Visual / Studio / Team / System!!