SSRS Integrated Mode with SharePoint 2010

Configuration Steps

  • Prepare the servers as SharePoint application servers and joined into the farm
  • Install SSRS 2008 R2 bits on the servers
  • Configure SSRS using configuration wizard
    • Create a database in integrated mode
    • Web Service URL – if Advanced button is not enabled, you need to apply the settings first and then you can change or add another DNS url later
    • Configure execution account
  • If you use more than one server to run SSRS, you need to make the machine key be the same for all SSRS servers in web.config
  • If you use DNS name instead of machine name for reportserver url then you need to change <UrlRoot /> to the DNS name
  • If you use kerberos, then configure the following:
    • SETSPN for SSRS url such as http://ssrs.contoso.local on the SSRS service account, trust the service account for basic delegation
    • Change <RSWindowsNTLM /> to <RSWindowsNegotiate /> in rsReportServer.config
  • Configure SSRS in SharePoint CA
    • Report Server Web Service URL
    • Add Report Server Instance – SSRS web and windows service accounts will be granted permission to SharePoint databases in this process

Create Reports using Report Builder

  • Create a document library
  • Add following content types to this document library
    • Report Data Source
    • Report Builder Model
    • Report Builder Report
  • Use report builder to create reports
    • Create a Data Source
    • Create Builder Model
    • Create the Report

Create Reports using Visual Studio

  • Create a report using Visual Studio
  • Publish urls are different from native mode – check the reference below