Proof of Concept Windows Service

Have you ever created an app that would "own" the device it's running on? Maybe it's a full-screen notification and marketing app to run in your atrium or at a conference. Maybe you are creating a point-of-sale system for use in your store. Maybe you are a teacher and you want your students to focus on your classroom app, and not everything else on the machine. Enter SingleProcessMonitor. This project is a Windows service that monitors running processes in an interactive session, and logs off the user when a target process is closed (or crashes).

This service is written in C# on .NET 3.5. That means that this should run out of the box on Windows 7 or later. If you look at the MonitoredProcessName in the VDIMonitorService class you can edit the name of the process you want to monitor. Install the service with InstallUtil and you should be in business. Or download the code on CodePlex and get a jump start on your custom solution.