Getting the Job Done

Being that today is Labor Day, I decided to do some labor. So I got up and set about doing all those horrible cleaning chores that nobody likes to do. Of course, I got to use power tools, so that made things better. Specifically, I went up into the attic and secured the exhaust vent leading out from the kitchen stove, I cleaned the stove (had to use oven cleaner on the enamel surface under the burners -- it's a Thermadore in case you're wondering why I don't just replace the burner pans), vacuumed the rugs and the furniture (hair courtesy our two cats), washed the woodwork in the bathroom, then cleaned the bathroom, then I rented a floor polisher (remember those things the janitors used on the floors in high school? they work on hardwood too) and cleaned our hardwood floors.

This was by way of compensation for spraying a quart of black oil-based stain last night to finish my wine rack and getting it all over the basement. Note to self: don't spray stain again. At least not indoors. At least not black stain. That said, the wine rack looks pretty nice. The rest of the basement, however, needs a fresh coat of paint.