Popfly Game Creator Beta, or "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges..."

Popfly, which we opened to the public last fall as a web mashup tool, has come a long way. Over the last ten months we launched an add-in for Visual Studio (Popfly Explorer) so people could create and open projects on the Popfly site from VS, a lightweight structured data storage system, we worked with Mark Frydenberg at Bentley College to design mashup curriculum, and we launched a game creator that puts the creation of casual games within the reach of people who don't have CS degrees.

Yesterday we moved from the alpha release of the game creator to beta in time for the PAX conference here in Seattle. Ben Anderson from our team will be at PAX giving demos, so if you're there drop by and harass him. Or just post on his Popfly profile page.

By the way, the title of this post is an allusion to two movies and the fact that Popfly now supports achievement badges -- for example, if you play a game late at night, you get the Night Owl badge.

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