The Flexibility of Camtasia

If you're not familiar with Camtasia, you should be. It's a tool for capturing what Jon Udell calls screencasts -- live action demos with a voiceover. Internally, we've been using Camtasia on my team for all sorts of things including packaging up a demo of some of our current work so many people can see what we're doing without us having to do a company-wide roadshow, for building training materials (Wes Hutchins, a new PM on my team, has hacked Camtasia's HTML export so it will display an HTML script of what's being said), and even for reading the Gettysburg Address (another Wes addition).

I realize I'm late to the party on this, but being able to package up some slides and a demo in this format is incredibly helpful in explaining what we're up to. I even sent a screencast to some of the future PMs on my team so they could see what they were getting themselves into.