Top Rejected Names for My Team

Getting the right team name is critical to setting the right tone for the kind of team you want to have and for recruiting. A cool name gets you the cool people. A boring name gets you people like me. So, in an effort to come up with a team name I sat down and began arranging relevant words for my team and quickly found a host of names that were utterly inappropriate:

  1. The Non-Professional Developer Team. As if we show up to work late wearing our bathrobes and slippers?
  2. Enthusiast Developer Team. Rah, rah, rah, aren’t we enthusiastic. Rah.
  3. Software Hobbyist Incubation Team. Spell it out.
  4. Student, Hobbyist, and End-user Developer Team. Yeah, we SHED even though our owners brush us every day.
  5. Beginning Tools for Hobbyist Developers Team. Sure, I really want to be the team whose initials can be sounded out as “butthead.”
  6. Hobbyist and Beginner Tools Team. Closer, but HaBTT? Habit?

So what do I call this thing?