What "Vacation" Means During a Remodel

I took this week off from work. Or I should say, I took this week off from going to the office. So far, in addition to doing quite a bit of email (that's the right verb, isn't it -- one "does" email?) and attending one teleconference (during which I invoked Bruce Willis and The Fifth Element), I have:

  • Weeded, trimmed, and cleaned up the front yard
  • Patched, primed, and painted the living room (two colors)
  • Stained the soffits around the front porch and the front porch ceiling (with my wife)
  • Patched the wall into the dining room where our idiotic drywaller messed up
  • Selected 11 sheets of plywood and various other bits of lumber to create a linen closet
  • Made pancakes twice (from scratch)
  • Gotten slaughtered at trivia
  • Gotten my car repaired (thanking my wife for convincing me to get the extended warranty)

There is still more to be done, including stripping the front door and actually using all that lumber to make something. But I'm still having fun.


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