VSTO Forum: Outlook 2003 Blocked Senders List

One of the questions on the VSTO msdn forums was about how to access the Blocked Senders list in Outlook. As you probably know, you can block the email address of a sender so that their mails no longer clutter your inbox. Heaven knows we can all use that! I wouldn't mind getting spammed for real body enhancements I want: 1) A new spine 2) All of my broken bones [15 of them] put back to their original state 3) No muscle spasms in my back for more than 1 hour and 4) A new rotator cuff....but I digress.

Anyway, I answered the post and described how to access the list in the registry using Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey. It's actually encoded there, so you need to unpack the registry value properly to make sense of it. But, you will find the list there. Cool.


Rock Thought for the Day: My Tongan brother, Leroy Wolfgramm, is the Chief Recording Engineer at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences and is an amazing talent as an artist as well. Completely self-taught, he is masterful at keyboard instruments, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals, horns, and pretty much any other instrument you can think of. He is the only person I have met who has perfect pitch. I recall one day saying, "Roy, give me a G#". He would sing it, and I would play it on the piano- he was on the money EVERY TIME. As a recording engineer, he's equally impressive. This entry is my shout out to him: You are more amazing than ever, Leroy! Thanks for being who you are.

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