Find the Entity for a Localized Label

Have you ever exported labels for translation from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and then been left guessing the context of a label?

All you get in the spreadsheet for localized labels is the columns object id, object column name and the languages installed (1033, 1036 etc).

This does not leave you much to go on for remembering the context of a label.

You can find the name of the entity that the attribute label is for with the follwing query:

 select from metadataschema.attribute t1, metadataschema.entity t2 where attributeid = 'fa1102e9-c500-4562-a0db-bc0bb1ccac3c' and t1.entityid = t2.entityid

Take the objectid from the spreadsheet and plug it into the attribtueid parameter above and you will get the entity name.

Happy Translating...