Holy Recover Batman

In the constant battle for space on my computer I deleted a folder that had a parent VHD in it by accident. Due to the size of the folder as it contained several large VHD files (which I thought I no longer needed) it did not show up in the recycle bin even seconds after deleting it!

I tried using file recovery software with no luck. The file had already been overwritten probably by the fact that I deleted so many at once.  I was so desparate that I paid $24 for software that ended up being useless.

I still had the differencing drive as it was in a folder that I knew I needed. All I really needed off the differencing drive was the development project files that I did not want to loose. The rest I was willing to give up. But you can't open the differencing drive if the parent is gone. For example I could have mounted the drive on my host OS, but not without the parent VHD. I was in trouble!

Luckly I found MediaHeal for Virtual Drives. Since I still had the differencing drive where all my project files were stored I could in thoery still get them back. And thanks to MediaHeal I could. I was able to open the differencing drive and recover my project files.

You can find MediaHeal here:


Thanks MediaHeal!