Announcing: New "Developer, Meet Server" Screencast Series

Welcome everybody to the inaugural, first ever, grand opening, “opening the doors to the public” celebration day kick-off for the new “Developer, Meet Server” screencast series. I am your sincere, humble (as ever), gracious and wonderful host/chef/tour guide Jason Olson.

In this series of screencasts we will be diving through all the various cool developer-oriented enhancements on the Windows Server "Longhorn" platform that developers can leverage to build robust and powerful applications. Specifically, in this first screencast, we will take a quick peek at Transactional NTFS. In future screencasts, we will go into a more detailed look at Transactional NTFS, so think of this as a quick introduction.

The screencast can be found in one of the main tubes on the Intarw3b known as the ever-lovely Channel 9:  

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee/tea/InsertYourFavoriteLocalTastyBeverageHere, and enjoy this screencast.