LHS Feature Of The Week #10 - Application Recovery and Restart

Hello everyone, and welcome back to  the “Feature Of The Week” newsletter. This week’s newsletter will be short and sweet. We will go over the new Application Recovery and Restart API. The API itself is very small and very simple to use (which, in my opinion, is “A Good Thing” TM).

What is Application Recovery and Restart?   Application Recovery is a set of technologies that give applications the opportunity to control what actions are taken on their behalf by the system when they (the application) fail.

If the application registers a callback with the RegisterApplicationRecoveryCallback function, the system will execute the recovery callback on application failure. The application can that take action to do things like attempting to recover documents. If the application has not registered for recovery, the system attempts to diagnose and report the problem.

If the application registered a callback with the RegisterApplicationRestart function, the system will automatically restart the application after the recovery or diagnosis is completed. If the application has not registered for restart, the system will simply close the application.