Tech Ed Developer (Europe)

Howdy all, I will be at Tech Ed Developer this week doing several things. First of all, I will be giving two talks: the first on Application Compatibility in Windows Server 2008 outlining the top issues developers need to be aware of when developing for it, and second, a talk on Transactional NTFS as it pertains to Windows Server 2008.

Also, I will be "manning" the Ask The Experts booth for Windows Server 2008. So if you want to chat about Windows Server 2008 (or just say hello), make sure to drop on by (I will have the hours I plan on working the booth posted there at the booth).

Here's a rundown:

  • Monday, 3pm - [INF203] WS08 For Developers - App Compat, Tent 1
  • Thursday, 4:30pm - [INF307] WS08 For Developers - Transactional NTFS

I'm also hoping to attend some sessions myself. These will mostly be around C++ (TLA323, TLA302, TLA404, etc.).

So, if you're going to be at the conference, please, drop on by the Ask The Experts booth for Windows Server 2008 and say hello!