XNA Game Studio Express and writing your own games for the 360

I know Dave, Tom, and Boyd had stated that they were pleasantly surprised that the announcements coming out at GameFest tomorrow hadn't been leaked. Well, close but no cigar (if this is indeed the announcement they were talking about). Of course, considering that it is already "tomorrow" on the east coast (and many of you won't read this post until "tomorrow" anyway), it's probably close enough :).

So, check out that link above :).

As a hobbyist developer myself, I have to admit that I did entertain thoughts in the back of my mind that it perhaps wasn't going to get any easier for us. Well, I'm happy to say that it looks like that thought was totally false. Not only was that thought wrong, it was WAY wrong. Microsoft (according to the Joystiq article) will release a free version of XNA Game Studio inline with their current Express products. So, for those of you enjoying writing games with totally free tools like Visual C# Express, you will be able to apparently continue doing so when XNA is released. ... (Read More)