Blog corner report from the Swedish CRM 4.0 release

Today I was at the Nacka Factory for the Swedish CRM 4.0 release party. Allot of customers, partners and Microsoft staff was there. I and Michael Höhne from Stunnware were represented at the blog corner. Many people stopped by and we had a really nice time chatting with developers, business guys and sales people. Michael had his "large" laptop full with nice CRM features, functions, code, filterlookups, office integrations and myself had a short demo on no-code-workflow and plugin examples...

Blog corner demo
From left. Kasper (playing with my laptop), Alf, Emir, Sara, Michael, Gustav and unknown drinking coke.  

Here are some of the questions asked.

Why is not the “Regarding” field on the task form editable?

I would guess because the regarding field could be associated with many different entity records.

How could I create fast keyword (short-cuts) commands on forms?

It’s not included in the form editor but with some JavaScript it should be possible to add short-cut commands.

I will forward this request to the product group.

Why is it not possible to distribute ASPX or Graphics to the offline client?

Well it’s possible but you need to build your own distribution like a MSI packet. Creating MSI packages from Visual Studio is not to hard (Demo)

Why can’t you print Workflows from the CRM workflow editor?

This is a request I will follow-up next week to the product group on TechReady. I would guess it’s not too hard to build something in JavaScript here… maybe a future blog post?

What DLL’s are supported to use during customization?



Why is not debugging working on plug-ins?

Make sure to register you plug-in to disc and not to the database.


t supported to make modifications on aspx, css files in 4.0?

No modifications to any .aspx, .css, .htm, .js, .xml, .jpg, or .gif files or addition of files in the wwwroot directories are supported.

Could you use webservice to update metadata in CRM 4.0?

Yes! This is a nice new feature. Create or update entity, add or remove picklist items ect. More info in CRM SDK

Thanks all for dropping by and happy coding on the worlds fastest growing CRM system!!