Report Dataset Samples

Putting this list of reporting dataset samples out here for your custom reporting needs or just to paste in for general purpose queries to the Data Warehouse.  I’ll update this list when I have new datasets to share.

Updated: 09-23-2011

· Top alert generating monitors (tuning)

· Top alert generating rules (tuning)

· Top alert generating rules with suppression – repeating (tuning)

· Top event collection rules (tuning)

· Top performance collection rules (tuning)

· Number of state changes per day (trending)

· Number of events collected per day (trending)

· Number of performance samples per day (trending)

· Gray agents with reason (health)

· Root Management Server Unavailable History with Reason (health)

· Heartbeat Failure and Failed to Connect Alerts with Durations (tuning)

· Group Picker Drop-Down List (parameter control) NEW!

Note: I use a code snippet plugin on these pages, which aren’t very format friendly when you try to copy/paste. You can download all TSQL scripts at the bottom of this page.

Report Datasets