ITIL, MOF, and a critical mass of blogs

Way back when, I wrote a couple of posts about ITIL and MOF (ITIL is an industry-standard set of best practices for running your IT department, and MOF describes how to apply those standards to Microsoft applications). Not much happened because, well, there weren't any other bloggers doing this stuff. Thankfully that's no longer the case:

  • Dr ITIL actually contacted me a few months ago, but his details have languished in my inbox until now (sorry!) Looks set to be the #1 blog about ITIL — no-one else is trying to publish five articles a day :)
  • Microsoft consultant Randy Young burst into action last month, and started by tracking down other ITIL/MOF blogs. Probably your best bet for MOF details right now.
  • A blog aptly entitled ITIL, subtitled "Where IT Actually Works: Implementing ITIL in the REAL World" (via Randy). This looks like a great source of hard-won experience about what works and what doesn't.
  • A couple of other Microsofties also touch on MOF and ITIL occasionally, including Tony Soper and Stanislas Quastana